My plan for 2018

I am a planner. I need checklists of things to do and things that are on my mind. With that being said, I of course have a plan for 2018. This will also give you an idea of what you can expect to see me writing about over the next year.

  • I want to look into becoming certified in Infant Massage. Babies in the NICU need soothing touch so I think this would be a great thing to build my resume with. I am looking into a couple different programs

  • I am signed up for my first intro to Child Life class through UCSB Extension. It begins at the beginning of Jan. They offer an online certificate in Child Life. I am starting with just the intro class because I am hoping to get into a grad program that offers child life.

  • I need to submit my grad school applications for Fall 2018.

    • University of Minnesota- I really really really want to get into this program. Send me positive vibes!

    • Arizona State University - If I choose this route I need to take the remaining required Child Life classes through UCSB extention

      • Applied Behavior Analysis

      • Family and Human Development

      • Social Work- I like this route as well because I can always make a career change if I really want/need to. I would take the Child Life classes through UCSB to qualify for the exam. The tricky part is going to be finding an internship that will work for both social work and Child Life. Not sure if that is possible.

  • I want to begin volunteering at a new hospital, make new connections and just get a fresh start. I have already begun the process through UCSF Mission Bay, I am just waiting for the health clearance.

  • Apply for a Child Life practicum.


March is child life month

March is child life month

My background

My background